Country Church of Profiti Elia

The small, snow-white country church of the Prophet Elias is found in the North-west of the village at a distance of two kilometres from Omodos, upon one of the village’s highest hills. It was also in ruins and was renovated on the 2 nd of November 1975 by Lefkios P. Sozou from Omodos.

Once every year, on the 20 th of July, a “Te Deum” liturgy takes place and the pious Christians devoutly attend it so as to light a candle and pray to the Prophet Elias for rain and to ask him to bless the people on earth.

Since old times, liturgies take place in all the country churches -in succession -every Saturday after the Resurrection so that a Mass is conducted in all of them during the Easter period, in accordance with the village’s custom.

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