Born in Omodos around 1867 and worked as a teacher in the village of Pissouri. It is said that he also engaged in painting and one time he filled the walls of the elementary school in which he worked with his paintings, which the inhabitants considered as “caricatures”. The minstrel and teacher versed many love songs for a woman he was madly in love with, namely Paraskevou of Patis, which however was not responding to his love call and -for that reason -the teacher and poet was compelled to abandon Pissouri.

This folkloric poet came from Omodos but lived in the village of Trachypedoula where he worked as a farmer. His poem “The description of Amiantos and Cyprus’s loan sharks”, which he wrote and published in 1927, was the poet’s outburst of joy due to the appearance of this mine, since many poor persons who got a job in it managed to save themselves and their properties from the detestable moneylenders.

The poet Georgios Hadjielias comes from Omodoa and served as a volunteer during the Greek-Bulgarian war. He was a soldier in the 18 th Regiment of the 6 th Division. He road the poem “The Greek-Bulgarian war”, which was printed in 1913 in Larnaca’s printing office.

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