Country Church of Apostle Philip

The Country Church of Apostle Philip is the oldest of Omodos’s country churches and it is located in the “Pente Litharia” (Five Rocks) venue west of the village and at a distance of about 3 kilometres from it.

During ancient times, this country church was probably also a shrine for the god Apollo. This is witnessed by the fact that a large, age-long laurel tree stands next to the country church. Its circumference is 8 meters and its height is 17 meters. Its age is approximately estimated to be a few centuries.

There are three old icons in the country church, one of Christ, one of Apostle Philip, and one of the Virgin Mary the “Zalithariotissas”, which today are in the Museum of Byzantine icons of the Holy Cross Monastery.

The country church was renovated in 1773 by the Metropolitan Bishop of Pafos, Panaretos, and it was also repaired in 1851.

New maintenance operations took place recently with the expenses paid by the Antiquities Department, now permanently having the church under its protection.

On the Saint’s day, which is on the 14 th of November, a liturgy takes place and hundreds of faithful attend it so as to honour the Apostle.

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